About the Cards

Some of the photos show kids in dangerous situations with dogs. No kids were put in danger to get these photos. In some cases the photos are digitally modified to make the situation look dangerous. In all cases there was close adult supervision by a professional dog trainer. In all cases where close contact is shown between an adult dog and a child, the dog in the photo is a professionally trained service dog who has been conditioned to accept  the handling by the child.

If you have card number 11-4 in your game you can redeem this for 25% off the cost of the next set of booster cards (coming in 2005). There is a printing error on the back of this card - can you find it? When you order your booster cards - tell us what the error is on this card (write in the referral code section of the order form) and you will receive 25% off the cards.

Text Box: Card 11-4
Tail high
Leash tight
Forward stance