This calendar is no longer available in print, but you can learn a lot from the pictures shown below

Children's calendar shows two contrasting photos of a different dog every month. One photo shows a happy or relaxed dog and the other shows a dog that says "stay away". The calendar teaches children to read dog body language signals so that they can tell whether any dog, including their own, does or does not want to be approached.

Calendar photos are 8.5 x 11 inches

Interpretation of the dog body language and safety tips are listed below the photos and beside the actual calendar grid.

All proceeds from the calendar go to the Courtney Trempe Memorial Fund for Dog Bite Victim Support.

Calendars cost $8 including shipping and tax.

If you are a non-profit group and would like to buy a quantity of these for resale, or would like to market to your members and have us ship and share the profits please call us at 877-350-3232.

The Calendar Dogs:

Green border - dog is approachable (as long there is suitable adult supervision/permission)

Red border - dog says "stay away" (even if it is your own dog or handler says it is OK to pet him)



Shelby is calm and happy

Shelby is worried

Lola is telling you to stay away

Lola is happy

Clipper is happy

Clipper doesn't want to share

Sam is alert to danger

Sam is happy

Cricket is happy

Cricket is interested

Trevor is alert

Trevor is relaxed

Blucher is happy

Blucher is worried

Kona is worried

Kona is happy

Lily is happy

Lily and her friends don't want to share the couch

Jubilee is happy

Jubilee is alert to danger

Jack is telling you to stay away

Jack is calm and happy


Savannah is happy

Savannah is telling you to stay away

Bear is afraid

Bear is happy