Creating Doggone Crazy!

Kids helped to create Doggone Crazy!

Kids made the graphics on the game board, helped design the game board, helped design the play of the game, took some of the photos for the See-See-See-It cards, posed for photos, helped make up questions, came up with dog interaction scenarios and tested and tested and tested the game. Did we mention that kids tested the game?

The graphics on the game board were made from hand-made rubber stamps created by kids.

About the Photos

Some of the photos show kids in dangerous situations with dogs. No kids were put in danger to get these photos. In some cases the photos are digitally modified to make the situation look dangerous. In all cases there was close adult supervision by a professional dog trainer. In all cases where close contact is shown between an adult dog and a child, the dog in the photo is a professionally trained service dog who has been conditioned to accept the handling by the child.

Everything is Based on Real Life

The scenarios used in Doggone Crazy! are all based on real life. They came from experiences in the classroom delivering dog bite prevention seminars, from the experiences of real kids, from the experiences of a dog behavior specialist who specializes in aggressive dogs and from observations of dogs and kids.