Dog Bite Prevention Child Safety Board Game - Learn About Dog Behavior and Dog Communication - Have Fun!

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Download the free Doggone Crazy! Parent Guide

This guide explains all the concepts covered in the game Doggone Crazy! and their basis. It is a great resource for parents - but it is not fun. To learn the concepts the fun way, play Doggone Crazy!

Download the Quick Reference Card

Learn something about dog communication right away.

You will need the Acrobat Reader to view the Parent Guide and Reference Card - click on the button below to download it free from Adobe...



Dog bite prevention is the goal of the board game Doggone Crazy! Children and families will learn about dog communication, dog behavior and how to be safe around dogs and prevent a dog bite. Through fun activities, photographs of real dogs and question cards, Doggone Crazy! promotes education and child safety.