Independent Reviews of Doggone Crazy! Board Game

Canadian Toy Testing Council

Doggone it, there sure is a lot to learn about dogs! This game facilitates learning through play. Children act like dogs or identify dangerous behaviours of dogs through pictures in this interactive board game. Correct actions and answers are rewarded with bones and the player with the most bones at the end wins. Dog lovers are sure to enjoy this game for two to six players which takes approximately 40 minutes to play. NOTE: Children should never approach a dog without asking the owners permission first. - Canadian Toy Testing Council - 2004 Toy Report

The Dabbling Mum

Doggone Crazy is the first board game in a long time to keep my kids attention. As soon as the game arrived, they ripped open the package and sat down to play with two visiting friends. The oldest, a 14-year-old boy felt parts of the game were too easy and childish, but that didn't stop him from playing three more rounds! My 13-year-old son, 9-year-old daughter, and her 12 year-old friend laughed, giggled, screamed, and jumped up from their seats (apparently it's part of the game) as they played this game again, and again, and again. In fact, they played the game so much that I wasn't allowed to touch the game for review until the week-end was over.

Doggone Crazy is the perfect board game to help parents prepare their children to be around dogs. Whether you're visiting a friend with a dog, heading down to your local park where others walk dogs, or are thinking about purchasing a puppy for your child, you'll want to get Doggone Crazy. This is an extremely educational game, but it was designed to help your child have fun while learning important key elements, such as when NOT to go near a dog, when to ask for the help of an adult, and when a dog appears to be safe.  - Alyice Edrich - Editor-in-Chief - The Dabbling Mum

Myk's Picks - Children's Products

Doggone Crazy was a fun game. I liked learning about dogs. My brother loves animals so it was really fun being able to play a game he actually liked. This game is a good game because it teaches us to be safe around dogs. There was some stuff I didn't know and now I know I will be safe.
--MyKaela (9 year old expert children's product reviewer)

MyKaela's mom says that MyKaela couldn't help but tell all her friends about her new board game and what she learned.

Lisa Grey - Canine Behavior Consultant

I am a Canine Behaviour Consultant and Specialist. I hold Canine Behaviour Seminars monthly in a variety of venues on behaviour modification, Pack structure and language, voice modulation, and bite prevention, dealing with dominance in dogs. From 1993-1996 I was a behaviour modification Instructor with BCSPCA running their dog bite prevention and aggressive dog program. The majority of my client base are veterinarian or other trainer referrals for aggressive or fearful dogs, dominance and chronic separation anxiety and fears. I am the senior trainer for Canines with a Cause assistance dog program as well as the program director, founder and  senior instructor for Adolescents at Risk and Canines Ontario and the owner of Natural Bond Canine Behaviour Consultants.

When asked, one nine year old participant offered this evaluation of the game. "I love this game it is fun, and not boring but also teaches you stuff that help you, I thought it was going to be slow with little kids playing but it is not. I would like to have this game." I think that says it all about the game.

Hats off to one of the best educational packages I have seen in years and a great public service that goes a long way to getting the message out about dog bite prevention and working toward eliminating dog bites to our children.

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