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Dog Detective Flashcards Ebook

This 52 page ebook for kids age 4-10 by award winning trainers and educators Teresa Lewin and Joan Orr will give your kids extra practice interpreting dog body language.

Did you know that kids can learn to be doggie detectives and learn what clues dogs are giving with body language signals? Teach your kids to interact only with happy dogs that come to them for attention.

This book shows follows on from the Dog Detective ebook and shows photos of 12 different dogs each with a happy and not happy expressions. The first image has no mark up and the second image points out the clues and tells whether the dog is happy or not. This is flashcard-type format that allows your child to practice their doggie detective skills.

Price: $12

Sample pages

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Are You a Public Educator or Dog Trainer?

Body Language Flashcards Kit

The Body Language Flashcards Kit contains all the same images as in the Flashcards Ebook described above.  You can use these in your community service presentations or with your clients to teach them about the key dog body language signs.

This includes: