Be a Tree Kit Marketing Information:

What’s in the kit:

  • A set of 15 jpeg files to print high resolution posters 11″ x 17″
  • A pdf file containing the script that goes with each posters that you can affix to the back of the posters after you have the posters printed
  • A wmv file video that shows a demonstration of the entire program
  • A Power Point show that you can use with a projector for large groups
  • A full script and 1 page script summary as well as all handouts from the kit

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Link to demo of the Power Point version


“I love ‘be a tree’ (and ‘be a rock’). It’s the best of its kind. This information has to get out there”, said Jean Donaldson – Internationally recognized dog behavior expert, award-winning author and director of the Academy for Dog Trainers.

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Clicker Puppy Review

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