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Your puppy + your child = true love

All puppies bite, but you don't have to just wait it out. Get our free ebook and learn all our best strategies for teaching the puppy to do something other than bite you. Best of all, you'll learn how to teach your puppy with positive reinforcement. You'll increase the bond of love, trust and respect with the puppy for both you and your kids when you teach with love and not punishment.

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Your kids will have a blast with this fun and interactive board game. They'll learn all kinds of fascinating things about dogs and their behavior that we'll bet you don't even know! They'll be the ones teaching you how to speak dog and how to act safely around dogs.

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Doggie Detective Teacher Kit

Do you want to make a big impact improving the lives of kids and dogs in your community? The Doggie Detective Teacher Kit gives you a set of large heavy weight posters and other materials to deliver a high impact presentation for kids on dog body language and how to act safely around dogs. This is a terrific way for you promote your business while offering a valuable community service if you're a veterinary professional, dog trainer or other dog service provider. If you're a classroom teacher, this is a wonderful resource that's fun and interactive and meets several curriculum objectives.

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