Box Clickers

three clickers

Comes in a random mix of 4 colours (red, green, blue and purple).

A clicker is a plastic device that makes a cricket-like click sound when the shiny metal part is pressed. The dog (or other animal) gets a treat each time it hears the sound. The click followed by the treat can be used in training. The click tells the animal that it did something right and that the treat is on the way. The click sound is consistent and quick and be given the instant the animal executes a correct response. Clicker training yields spectacular results in a short time and is an all-positive way to train. To find out how to do it buy the Clicker Puppy DVD.

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iclickThis clicker has a button that is easy to press. It makes a quieter sound than the traditional box clicker. Random mix of 4 colours (red, blue, green and black).

Buy i-clicks for $4.00 each or $2.00 each for 10 or more

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