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Holiday Dog Bite Prevention Tips

By Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin Holidays Are Stressful for Dogs The holidays are especially stressful for dogs due to changes in routine and the comings and going of visitors. Many dog bites happen at this time of year. When visiting a house with a dog, children should be taught not to approach the dog

Bite-Proofing Your Puppy

By Joan Orr M.Sc. Puppies are furry, friendly and programmed for learning. Now is the time to teach your puppy about the things that people, especially kids might do, that dogs do not naturally accept. Things like toddlers pulling his tail, people taking his toys, kids going near his food bowl or kids taking over

How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting- Part 2

By Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin This is the second article in our series on how to teach a puppy not to bite. Please note that these instructions are intended to prevent guarding. All puppy owners should do these exercises even if the puppy is not guarding. It is much easier to prevent guarding than

How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting- Part 4

By Joan Orr This is Part 4 of an ongoing series. We recommend that you read the previous articles since we are not going to repeat anything here. Here is a link to the other articles in the series and some related articles:  Puppy Biting series Teaching your puppy to control his mouth and to

How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting- Part 5

By Joan Orr M.Sc. This is the fifth in our series about how to stop your puppy from biting. Please read the previous installments, since we won't be repeating information and you will want to know why it is important to teach your puppy how to bite softly and then not at all. All the

Clicker Training Basics For Kids and Families

By Joan Orr M.Sc. Clicker training. All the smartest dogs (and cats) in town are talking about it – but what is it exactly? A clicker is a small device that makes clicks when pressed. Pets love the sound because it always precedes a treat. The click is precise, it’s clear, it means the same

Preventing Aggression Over Possessions and Food in Your Puppy

By Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin Many bites to children occur around the food bowl. We are frequently told that the dog growls (but he would never bite of course) when the kids go near him while he’s eating. This situation is easily prevented if the puppy is taught that people approaching the food bowl