What you won't learn:

Our other online courses cover topics on how to be safe around dogs and apply risk assessment principles for kids and families, home day care providers, workers who encounter dogs on the job, vets, groomers and more.

Who it's for and why it's important:

The course is for parents, workers who may encounter dogs on the job and dog owners. Knowing how to read how a dog is feeling is key to staying safe around them.

At some point you are your children will encounter a dog at a friends house, at the park or on the street. If you are a dog owner it is inevitable that your dog will meet a child or a stranger at some point and if you are a worker who enters peoples homes you also may encounter a dog at work.

Some dogs may be happy to see you and some may not be. This course is designed to help you determine whether a dog is feeling happy or showing signs of stress and anxiety. It will help you, your kids and/or other people kids safe and your dog happy. 

What's inside:

Along with the lessons there will be lots of video and photo examples so you can practice and visualise what you're learning.

At the end of each lesson you will have a quiz to review what you've learned, these quizzes are strictly for your own learning and you are not required to pass to move on to the next lesson. The final quiz will be graded and in order to obtain your certificate you will need to pass with 80%.