A new puppy! What fun! But it's also a huge responsibility and you can feel overwhelmed. Throw a kid or two (or three) into the mix and next thing you know, bedlam! Puppies love to nip and chase. Kids make for wonderful playmates, but things can get out of hand. Next thing you know, someone's crying, the puppy has made off with someone else's shoe and you're wondering whose idea this was in the first place.

The solution to puppy chaos is simple. It's two things. The first is management (crate, puppy play pen, chew toys, nap time and supervision). The other is TRAINING! You must train your puppy so that chaos does not reign. The Clicker Puppy DVD will teach you and your kids the basics of the popular clicker training method using simple lessons so that you'll have a well mannered puppy. It'll give you some tips on how to encourage calm behavior and how your kids can stay clear of those sharp teeth while still interacting with the puppy.

Most importantly this is training with love and kindness and will do more than anything else to build a bond of love and empathy that'll last a lifetime.

All training in the videos is done by children and none of the puppies are professionally trained. If these kids and puppies can succeed, so can yours!


Moment of Truth for Sharon McInally, KPA CTP, owner at SmartPaws.ca

"Her clicker training moment of truth came after watching half of the Clicker Puppy DVD, offered by Doggone Crazy, with her young daughters. The girls immediately picked up their clickers, grabbed some kibble, and taught their 4-month-old German shepherd puppy to lie down on a mat in five minutes - without speaking a word!"

Watch what clicker training can do for your puppy

It's Award Winning and Recommended by Experts and the Dog Press


Gwen Thebault Award for Excellence in Human Education

Search for Excellence Video Awards

The Latham Foundation for Humane Education, 2005-2006


Innovation Award

International Positive Dog Trainers Association, 2005


Clicker Training 101 article by Pat Miller CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA

Whole Dog Journal, March 2018 issue



Recommended resource for puppy guardians

iheartdogs.com Top 10 Dog Training DVDs

Trainers, Breeders and Parents Love Clicker Puppy

Highly recommend!

Watching other children training different puppies gives my kids the confidence to do it too, and it is wonderful to be able to return to the DVD whenever we need a refresher on something!

I highly recommend Clicker Puppy to anyone who wants to train a puppy using positive reinforcement that yields great results!

Dawn Peterson

Old School House Magazine Product Reviewer


So easy a child can do it ... a wonderful new way to learn clicker training.

Karen Pryor

The Queen of Clicker Training. Author of Don't Shoot the Dog

I *LOVE* this DVD! 

Both as a professional trainer, and as a breeder (Australian Shepherds, 15+ years) I think this is a fantastic DVD for introducing the concept of clicker training. It isn't an actual 'training' DVD (as in, this is how you teach 'heel', this is how you teach 'drop on recall'), but does teach a few behaviours while introducing the concept of clicker training & reinforcement. The emotional appeal of young children and adorable puppies are sure to hold people's interest. Plus, it shows that clicker training is so easy, even kids can do it! I like this DVD so much that I give it to each of my puppy families in their 'puppy pack'.

Lynn Whinery 


This is a great video that shows how simple it can be to train a puppy using clicker training. The most wonderful part is that it shows new trainers (children) and puppies with little to no training, and the simplicity of training a puppy.

B Wood


Q: What if my puppy is afraid of the kids?

The kids can sit quietly at a distance that doesn’t bother the puppy. Soon the puppy will investigate on his own. The kids can place a treat on the floor in front of them, but they will not try to touch the puppy. Once the puppy will come to them for food they can start using the clicker. Or you can use the clicker and they can give the food. Once the puppy realizes that they are reliable sources of treats he should lose his fear in a few minutes. If fear of children persists past the first day, please have your puppy assessed by a behavior specialist.

Q: What if my puppy is afraid of the clicker?

You can muffle the sound with a piece of cloth and use a really high value treat such as pieces of steak or a lick of garlic cream cheese from a Kong or a wooden spoon.

If your puppy is really terrified and won’t take a treat, then you can use a marker word like “yip” (something you don’t say in regular conversation) instead of the click and still use the techniques shown in the DVD.

Q: What if my kids are afraid of the puppy, or the puppy is too rambunctious or nippy?

Your kids can stand on a stool to train and toss the treats to the floor with a small puppy. Or even better, get a puppy X-pen, or baby gates to confine the puppy. The kids can train from outside the barrier, while tossing treats to the puppy. If the puppy is really wild and needs room to run, the kids could be inside the barrier and the puppy outside it. Anything that physically separates them will work. Once the puppy becomes calmer and learns to sit to say please and learns the target following exercise, the kids can train without a barrier.

Q: What if my puppy has a sensitive tummy and can't eat treats yet?

Use your puppy’s regular meal for training. This is a good idea to do anyway for at least some if his food and some of his training.

Q: Will I need a clicker and treats forever?

No! This is a training tool and once the puppy is trained you’ll suddenly realize that he’s following your cues without the clicker and treats. If you want to teach a new behavior, or some already learned behaviors start to deteriorate (and this will happen when the puppy is 9 months old or so) you can reteach things very quickly by going back to the clicker and treats.

When your puppy is still learning, take the toy on a rope and clicker and treats with you everywhere!

Q: Can I use toys instead of treats?

Yes, you can use anything the puppy likes after you click. Food is by far the easiest and most powerful reinforcer for most puppies. Once you’ve got the clicker training well established using food, you can also use toys. Of course you’ll need a way to get the toy back, so be sure to teach a solid “leave it” or “drop it” with food before using toys for reinforcement.

More Trainers, Breeders and Parents Love Clicker Puppy


It’s wonderful to have a clicker training video on the market now that’s geared especially for children and puppies. You did a great job covering all the bases -including basic obedience, essential manners like sit-to-greet, and tricks, too! We loved how the training was shown in real time, and the quick results the kids got with all the pups thanks to the very clear teaching steps you laid out.

Virginia Broitman and Sherri Lipman

Creators of the Bow Wow series of clicker training videos and Clicker Expo faculty members


This excellent and engaging DVD teaches people of all ages how to teach their dog good manners. A great resource for parents and children.

Lynn Loar

Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Co-Author: Teaching Empathy

This DVD will produce good results

My friend has purchased a male Bloodhound puppy that is a little head-strong and is resisting learning obedience and crate training.

I have 4 dogs and have trained them using this clicker-training book/DVD successfully. With a little patience, a clicker and this book/DVD will produce good results with a puppy.

Joseph R Greathouse - 5 star Amazon review

Young kids can do it!

Short, but it's amazing what very young children are able to accomplish in a very short period of time. I really enjoyed watching this and will buy copies as gifts for new dog owners - especially ones with children - who have no experience with clicker training.

BDH - Amazon 5 star review

It is a fun DVD to watch

 Even though it is meant to teach you. The pups are so cute and the children interacting with them is entertaining to watch.

Children and adults alike will benefit from this DVD and be able to follow the guidelines set forth quickly and easily.

Family Review Center Product Review

It is a fun DVD to watch

 Even though it is meant to teach you. The pups are so cute and the children interacting with them is entertaining to watch.

Children and adults alike will benefit from this DVD and be able to follow the guidelines set forth quickly and easily.

Family Review Center Product Review

This DVD is top notch

I use this video frequently to introduce individuals and families with children to the fun of using a clicker to train a puppy. Children enjoy watching the cute puppies and parents can see how easy and safe the methods are. Viewers can see the communication that quickly develops between the puppies and the child trainers. The footage clearly shows how successful the children can be in a very short amount of time. 

The DVD comes with a printed supplement that gives important instructions on proper use of the clicker to train a pup. The bonus clips on the DVD include among others, more training tips and a useful segment on the basics of dog body language called "Speak Dog". I show this segment when doing dog bite prevention education sessions with children and their parents. I am a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant and I find this DVD to be top notch.

Susan Signor - 5 star Amazon review

Very effective

This DVD not only demonstrates how effective and quickly learned clicker training can be but also, if one watches both the children and dogs as the clicker is used, shows you the appropriate way to use the clicker with your dog. A video of how to do "clicker training" is worth a thousand words of description -- and this DVD certainly does that illustrating.

Puli Lover - 5 star Amazon review

Great visual description

Clicker Puppy is a great visual description for parents to use to help coach their kids. It is cute, and catchy. The segment with the two cats, one being chased and one being left alone has so many applications...worth the dvd just for this showing kids (and parents) how to avoid being chased... I recommend Clicker Puppy to all my families.

Carolyn Clark - 5 star Amazon review

Well worth the price

Clicker puppy not only shows how easy it is to train your puppy, it has great footage on training rabbits as well. This is a wonderful DVD. Clear, easy to follow and comprehensive. Well worth the price.

Rabbit - 5 star Amazon review

Perfect for a beginner

I recently viewed this video with my daughter who got her first Aussie a couple of weeks ago. It was perfect for a beginner. I appreciated the demonstrations and am excited to see her get started with it.

David J Sullivan - 5 star Amazon review

Such a simple concept

Clicking is such a simple concept that it was actually difficult for me to grasp at first. Children are much more receptive; so the beauty in this is it's simplicity. Because most of my golden puppies go to homes with children, early foundation is essential. Getting and keeping the attention of both the child and/or the puppy can be difficult. This is fun and instructional and has huge rewards going forward. I recommend it to all my puppy buyers.

Sydney Waller - 4 star Amazon review

More Reviews!

Parent review centre:

Clicker Puppy: a 48 minute dvd that offers a wonderful approach to training your pet puppy or full grown dog. By rewarding the good behavior and the following of commands, canines learn to do what is requested of them easily and without fear or threat. Negative feedback is not used, as bad behavior is simply ignored.

This training method shows you how to click your way to your happiness and your dog's obedience. As they get "closer" to the objective or goal, you click the clicker, as if you are saying " you are getting warmer " ... If they move away, you simply do not click. Then when they meet the goal, you click and reward them with a treat.

Consistency is the key with any training method, and so it is with Clicker Training. You must repeat the action over and over until they meet your request before you have even asked it of them.

Once they firmly have the clicker method down, you then mix in voice commands or hand signals. Combining these with the clicker, will lead your canine to remarkable response times and will make of your pet a fine companion that you can be proud of.

The DVD comes with a clicker, so you will be all set to follow the examples you watch on the DVD. The photographer films children from the ages of 5 on up, interacting with puppies from 8 weeks to 5 months old. Some of these dogs have never had any form of training prior, others have received multiple sessions of other methods of training. All show equal levels of progress in learning the clicker method and all respond quickly and very well.

It is a fun DVD to watch, even though it is meant to teach you. The pups are so cute and the children interacting with them is entertaining to watch.

Children and adults alike will benefit from this DVD and be able to follow the guidelines set forth quickly and easily.

Easy to learn for both owner and pet
Reinforces good behavior, ignores bad
Non aggressive training
Train solo or in a group


The best part about this DVD is you get to see first hand how untrained dogs are trained using a clicker.  And a lot of the training is done by children.  This goes to show you just how easy and fun clicker training is.

And you won’t be overwhelmed because the DVD goes really slowly, breaking down everything into little steps.  You and your dog will see the basics in action like: sit, down and come.

But you’ll also learn to teach your dog some cool basic tricks like:

  • Fetch.
  • Roll over.
  • High Five!

The DVD is a great addition to this training kit.  And like the book it’ll train you to use a clicker properly so that you can communicate with your dog in a way they understand.

The Old Schoolhouse - The Family Education Magazine

Did you know that young children can train puppies as well as, if not better than, adults can? I didn't--at least not until I watched the Clicker Puppy DVD! When we bought our new puppy this year, I thought the best way to train him would be signing him up for doggy obedience classes. I also thought that only one person training a dog was preferable. Turns out both assumptions were wrong! Clicker training is a science-based method that uses positive reinforcement to teach your dog. In my family's experience, using this method has been easy, gentle, and yes, even fun! The DVD is just under 50 minutes long and guides you step-by-step on how to train your puppy. One of the best things about this presentation is that all the training is done by children with puppies who are learning it in real time. It is amazing how fast the puppies learn from the children using just a clicker (which you can purchase from the website) and some treats!

There is so much included in the DVD! In addition to demonstrating what clicker training is and how to do it, the video shows children teaching commands such as sit, down, roll over, come, off, jump over an obstacle, and retrieve. Because the presentation is done without rehearsal, you'll see common problems crop up and observe how to solve them--a huge advantage compared to just reading about it!

One of the things that proved particularly helpful in training our own puppy was the section titled "Training Tips." We learned why it's helpful to train close to the puppy's dinnertime, what the "3-try rule" was, why training with two people is better than one, and how and why to avoid negative reinforcement. In addition to this bonus track, there are three others included: using clicker training with rabbits, how to read a dog's body language in order to stay safe, and a method of clicker training used with people called TAGteach (which you may form a positive or negative opinion of, but is nonetheless interesting).

My family found this DVD to be a very helpful tool for training our puppy and reinforcing what he's learned. Having something like this on a DVD is so useful because it demonstrates techniques that are best learned visually. Watching other children training different puppies gives my kids the confidence to do it too, and it is wonderful to be able to return to the DVD whenever we need a refresher on something!

I highly recommend Clicker Puppy to anyone who wants to train a puppy using positive reinforcement that yields great results!

Product review by Dawn Peterson, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, LLC, May, 2010