Puppy Training

A new puppy! What fun! Your whole family can (and should) be involved with the care and training of the puppy. Even your young children can help with the puppy under supervision.

Raising your puppy is a big responsibility. It’s your job to mold this little bundle of fur and teeth into a dog that will be safe around kids and a great companion for you and your family. Start training your puppy from the moment you get them home and you’ll enjoy many years of fun and pleasure from a dog that’s easy to live with, listens to you and wants to hang out with you.

We recommend clicker training as the best and safest training method for your puppy and your children. Clicker training is a hands-off method so little fingers don’t get painful nips from razor sharp puppy teeth. There’s no physical strength required so anyone can train this way and get great results. Many experts recommend clicker training as the best way to promote a safe and loving bond between kids and dogs. Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Gary Landsberg of The North Toronto Veterinary Behaviour Specialty Clinic in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, discusses clicker training with all of his clients, making sure they understand the importance of using positive reinforcement as opposed to punishment in training. Norma Jeanne Laurette, the past president of the International Positive Dog Training Association says, “The positive reinforcement of the clicker method prevents the fear, anxiety, and aggression that are often the result of compulsive training. By choosing clicker training, your dog will learn quickly, both you and your dog will enjoy the process, but more importantly, you can create an intelligent dog with a trusting temperament.” Studies have shown that dogs trained with positive reinforcement based training are happier and less likely to act aggressively. The top trainers of guide dogs, service dogs, bomb dogs, drug dogs and high performance sport dogs use positive training methods and you can too!

You’ll Be Amazed!

You’ll be absolutely amazed at how smart your puppy is and how much they can learn even at 8-10 weeks old. You may want to wait until after the puppy has had its first set of shots before you enroll in puppy class, or you may not have a class available to you right away, but you can still start training at home from the very first day you bring your puppy home.