Green border – dog is approachable (as long there is suitable adult supervision/permission)

Red border – dog says “stay away” (even if it is your own dog or handler says it is OK to pet him)

Bear is afraid. Bear is happy.

Savannah is happy.  Savannah is telling you to stay away.

Jack is telling you to stay away.  Jack is happy.

Jubilee is happy. Jubilee is alert to danger.

Lily is happy. Lily and her friends don’t want to share the couch.

Kona is worried. Kona is happy.

Blucher is happy. Blucher is worried.

Trevor is alert. Trevor is relaxed.

Cricket is happy. Cricket is interested.

Sam is happy. Sam is alert to danger.

Clipper is happy. Clipper doesn’t want to share.

Lola is telling you to stay away. Lola is happy.

Shelby is calm and happy. Shelby is worried.